Welcome Message from the Dean of Academics

METC has many different programs of instruction covering the allied health specialties, including but not limited to: Behavioral Health, Biomedical Maintenance, Hospital Corpsman, Combat Medic, Aerospace Medical Service, Dental Assistant, Medical Laboratory, Medical Logistics, Healthcare Administration, Pharmacy, Preventive Medicine, Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Radiography, and Surgical Tech.
"Our mission is to provide world class enlisted medical training to support mission readiness in peacetime and war." METC looks at the Finest in three ways:
  1. Medical Technical Competence (know your medical specialty).
  2. Continued Service Competence (Soldiers who know how to be Soldiers, Airmen who know how to be Airmen, and Sailors who know how to be Sailors).
  3. A Tri-Service perspective and appreciation for what our sister services do to make it easier to work in a joint environment.
While you are here I want you to do three things: 
  1. Study hard and help those in your class with their studying as well (Cooperate and Graduate).
  2. Live the core values (Do the right thing even if it is hard).
  3. Realize that you are training to become part of the Military Health System which has the honor to serve and provide health care for our nation's military (you will save people, who would otherwise die).
Once again, welcome to METC. I look forward to seeing you around the campus!
Dean of Academics
Medical Education and Training Campus


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