Nutrition and Diet Therapy

The Nutrition and Diet Therapy Technician (NADT) course is a consolidated course that provides training in basic nutrition concepts, medical nutrition therapy, and performance nutrition for health and fitness. Therapeutic diet preparation and patient tray service are introduced. Quality control, principles and practical application of food production, safety, and sanitation for various life cycles are discussed, in depth, throughout the course. Lecture, demonstration, paper/online materials, simulated patient interactions and kitchen/clinical labs are utilized. A simulation for military contingency operations is provided in a non- classroom setting.
 US Air Force
AFSC: Diet Therapy Apprentice
Course Length: 280 hours
Iterations per year: 4

 US Army
MOS: Nutrition Care Specialist
Course Length: 279 hours
Iterations per year: 8

 US Navy

School Code 083

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Graduates from this course receive college credits from the College of Allied Health Sciences.

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Program Director/Air Force Service Lead    (210) 808-6551
NCOIC    (210) 808-6554
Army Service Lead    (210) 808-6552
Lead AF Instructor (210) 808-6560
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