General Information:

The METC Tri-Service Campus is located on Fort Sam Houston, Texas in the City of San Antonio. METC trains enlisted medical personnel from all branches of service in a state-of-the-art DoD healthcare education campus. All Warrior Care begins here at the METC!

Because of this unique mission, the campus receives many requests from individuals and groups for tours each year. The METC Campus is not open to the public. All tour guests must be escorted by a METC official. For information on entering Ft Sam Houston, please visit the base visitor page.

The METC Public Affairs Office schedules limited general tours of the campus on an "as available" basis.

To schedule a tour for your group, please contact the METC Public Affairs Officer:

     Public Affairs Officer
     Medical Education & Training Campus (METC)
     (210) 808-1217

If interested in including other areas of Ft Sam in your visit, please start by contacting the base Public Affairs Office to coordinate your tour:

     Public Affairs Office
     502d Air Base Wing
     (210) 221-5453

For Distinguished Visitor and VIP tours only, please contact the METC Protocol Officer:

     Protocol Officer
     Medical Education & Training Campus (METC)
     (210) 808-1253

Group tour information:

If you have a group interested in visiting METC, please note these guidelines:

-- There must be at least 10 people in your group. For logistical and security reasons we cannot host tours for smaller groups. Smaller groups can be combined to meet the minimum. Contact the PAO for more information.

-- Tours are best suited for groups age 12 and older.

-- METC can accommodate groups of up to 50 people. However, consideration will be given for larger group sizes on a case-by-case basis.

-- Groups must provide their own transportation. METC does not have sufficient parking to accommodate groups whose members arrive separately. Please make arrangements to gather at another location.

-- All visitors age 18 or over must have U.S. federal or state government issued identification. As a result of security concerns, we cannot host foreign groups unless they have been cleared through their embassy.

-- You will be required to submit the following information to the METC Public Affairs Office at least 14 days in advance of your visit:
     1. Name: (Last, First, MI - As shown on Driver's License/ID Card) of each person submitted in alphabetical order
     2. Date of Birth
     3. Address
     4. Driver's License number and State of Issue (or *SSAN if no driver's license)
     5. Vehicle Information (if driving) – Make/Model/License Plate# (Only for people driving vehicles)
     6. *(If a person doesn't submit a SSAN or a DL # then they must come to the Visitor Registration Center in person for vetting prior to receiving a pass)
          *This information is required by the base Visitor Control Center to authorize entry on the base. If not provided the group or affected individuals in the group will be refused entry. In addition, all guests must present a valid photo ID upon arriving at the designated access gate.


For all Media Relations issues - please call or send correspondence to the METC PAO above.