Medical Device Information Technology Systems

This course consists of a single course within the Medical Education and Training Campus Biomedical Equipment Technician (BMET) (B-326-1000) consolidated course for the Navy, and a single course for Army and Air Force BMETs returning from the career field. This course provides formal training for BMET personnel who are assigned to an Army, Navy, or Air Force medical treatment facility (MTF). The course is designed to provide advance technical training on medical device information technology systems (MDITS). The course will focus on theory, configuration, and troubleshooting of computer systems and network domains, as well as system security, network administration, and MDITS certification requirements.

Special Information:

Navy personnel attend this course as part of their initial biomedical equipment technician training. To obtain the 8410 Navy Enlisted Classification (NEC), this course functions as a required course within the Biomedical Equipment Technician training course (B-326-1000). Navy students must successfully complete this course to fulfill passing requirements in the B-326-1000 course. For Army and Air Force, this course is separate from the METC Biomedical Equipment Technician course.


 US Air Force
AFSC: Medical Device Information Technology Systems
Course Length: 240 hours
Iterations per year: 7

 US Army
MOS: Medical Device Information Technology Systems
Course Length: 240 hours
Iterations per year: 7

 US Navy
NEC: Biomedical Equipment Technician
Course Length: 240 hours
Iterations per year: 7

School Code 083

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Graduates from this course receive Community College of the Air Force.

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