Hospital Corpsman Advanced Technical Field


TThe instructional design for the Hospital Corpsman Advanced Technical Field (HM-ATF) courses are group lockstep. The course prepares Navy enlisted personnel for Advanced Technical Field training by providing strength and conditioning training combined with a basic medical knowledge of pre-hospital, inpatient and outpatient medical care within the scope of the hospital corpsman. Subjects include Basic Life Support (BLS), medical terminology, anatomy & physiology, pre-hospital, and inpatient and outpatient aspects of each body system. ATF students have mandatory, advanced swim and are required to pass the approved high risk training requirements. Outcome-based practice and safety techniques are emphasized throughout the course. The course consists of lectures, group activities, demonstrations, hands-on instruction, and clinical practice. Performance exercises, written examinations, clinical/practicum are used to assess accumulation and retention of knowledge and skills. Quality assurance and safety techniques have been incorporated into the course administration. Lecture, demonstration, online materials, simulations, and laboratory practice are utilized throughout the course. This course provides graduates with technical skills and knowledge required to achieve entry-level basic hospital corpsman competencies.

 US Air Force

 US Army

 US Navy
NEC: Hospital Corpsman Advanced Technical Field (HM-ATF)
Course Length: 560 hours
Iterations per year: 12

School Code 083

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Accreditation Information:

Graduates from this course receive recommended college credits from the American Council on Education.

Credentialing Information:

Graduates are certified in Basic Life Support (BLS) and Tactical Combat Casualty Care (TCCC).


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