Computer Based Medical Systems


The Computer Based Medical Systems (CBMS) program provides formal advanced training at METC.

This is a consolidated program with three military services that is designed to provide training on: server and personal computer hardware, software, medical network configuration and administration, computer system repair, video system theory and calibration, circuit analysis, troubleshooting, and safe operating procedures.

The instructional design of this program’s courses is group lockstep. Methods of instruction include, but are not limited to: lecture, demonstration, online materials, simulations, laboratory practice, and practical exercises on computer based medical systems.

Quality control and safety techniques are emphasized throughout the program.

Special Information:

Navy personnel attend this program as part of their initial Biomedical Equipment Technician training. To obtain the 8410 Navy Enlisted Classification (NEC), this program functions as a required course within the Biomedical Equipment Technician training program (B-326-1000).

Navy students must successfully complete this course to fulfill passing requirements in the B-326-1000 program. For Army and Air Force, this program is separate from the METC Biomedical Equipment Technician program (MOS: 68A10 and AFSC: 4A231).

 US Air Force
AFSC: Computer Based Medical Systems
Program Length: 160 hours
Iterations per year: 6

 US Army
MOS: Computer Based Medical Systems
Program Length: 160 hours
Iterations per year: 6

 US Navy
NEC: Biomedical Equipment Technician
Program Length: 160 hours
Iterations per year: 6

School Code 083

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