Radiology Branch Values

HONESTY - We will be sincere with students and when working on course projects

EQUALITY - We will treat all persons equally without regard to age, race, gender, or physical attributes.

RESPECT - We will treat students, patients, peers, superiors, and subordinates with the basic respect that all persons deserve.

TACT - We will treat all persons tactfully and diplomatically.

COMMITMENT - We will be committed to producing the very best product possible, whether the goal of the department is students or radiographs.

PRIDE - We will be proud of our organization, its members, and its accomplishments.

LOYALTY - We will be loyal to our organization, defending its principles and policies to its detractors. If there are problems within, we will work to change them internally without defaming our organzation to others.

PROFESSIONALISM - We will strive to be professionals by maintaining high standards of competence, training, continued education, and involvement in the professional community.

INNOVATION - We will continue to be open to new ideas and trends provided that they are based on sound principles, rather than to simply change for the sake of change.

RESPONSIBILITY - We will accept responsibility for our own actions and will act in a responsible manner to those above and below us in our chains of command.

EDUCATION - We will conduct our training program in a professional manner and continue to stress continued and higher education to both students and instructors, to foster personal improvement and growth of all radiographers and educators.

CONCERN - We will be sympathetic to the legitimate physical and emotional needs of students so that they may learn to have empathy for the patients for whom they will be providing care.

CODE OF ETHICS - We will adhere to the principles set forth in the A.R.R.T. code of Ethics and stress the same to our students both in what we teach and how we conduct ourselves.