Radiology Coin Of Excellence

The Radiology Branch Coin was minted in 1995 to commemorate the 100th Anniversary of the discovery of the x-ray. The coin was the brain child of MSG (Ret) Janet Cook, MSG (Ret) Kevin Fairbrother, MSG (Ret) William McClain and Ms Sheryl Emerich.

The front of the coin was designed by MSG Cook, MSG McClain and Ms Emerich. The outer ring displaying the words Professionalism, Values, Commitment and Ethics depicts some of the principles of the Radiology Technologist. The center of the ring displays an Eagle, symbolizing the U.S. Army soldier. The Book with the inscription "To teach is to touch a life forever" is dedicated to the teaching and mentoring which will help build the individual and the soldier, "Innovation" which eludes to the space left open for an individuals unique and creative talents. The caduceus represents the Army Medical Field.

The back of the coin, which displays the Radiology Branch symbol , was the creative work of SFC (Ret) Henry Moffitt. The motto "Strive for Imaging Excellence" is the day to day goal of the Radiology Branch. The x-ray tube is symbolic of perhaps the greatest medical discovery in history with the Greek lettering above it, which translates to "The power of the photon" that which is so skillfully controlled by the Radiology Technologist. The coin itself is a token of the pride that energizes us to care with compassion and purpose.

Over the years, the Coin of Excellence has been awarded by the Radiology Branch Program Director to those individuals who have been recognized for their exemplary level of professionalism and efforts to improve the quality of care, within the medical field, through their actions and or deeds.

In recent history, the Radiology Branch has established a new tradition, in awarding the Coin of Excellence to a student of a graduating class. This student is selected by the faculty of the Radiology Specialist Program with input from the student’s peers. The student who receives the coin is recognized for their professionalism and commitment to excellence .