John B. Mayes
Coin Of Academic Excellence

The John B. Mayes Coin of Academic Excellence was minted in 2004 to commemorate his 32 years of service as a Radiology Instructor for the Army Medical Department Center & School.

John entered the military in 1971 and began his career as an X-ray Specialist with class 4-72. Following his graduation as the distinguished honor graduate, he returned to the school, as a Military Radiology Instructor. In 1974, after fulfilling his military obligation, he continued serving the Army as a Civilian Radiology Instructor. During those 32 years of service, he has not only seen many changes to the program, but has been an integral part of the changes that helped shape the Army Radiology Specialist Program into what it is today.

Mr. Mayes is a graduate of University of Northern Iowa, where he received his Bachelor of Arts degree in Secondary Education. He has also earned a Master of Arts degree in Human Relations and Management from Webster University.

Among his many achievements, he has served as President and has been actively involved as an officer, membership chairman, and newsletter editor for the Alamo Area Society of Radiologic Technologists (, a local group dedicated to providing continuing education credits to its members, advocating for certification in diagnostic imaging, and providing a forum to network and promote professionalism within the field of diagnostic imaging. He also served as the Seminar Committee Chair (1984 – 2004) for the Annual Military Continuing Education Seminar in Radiologic Technology held on Fort Sam Houston, Texas. Additionally, Mr. Mayes was a co-founder of South Texas Associates of Radiology (, an organization dedicated to the clinical practice of radiographic imaging and to radiology continuing education.

Mr. Mayes has always been a dedicated instructor, and continues to be an important asset to our branch. He has touched and influenced our lives in many positive ways.

The John B. Mayes Coin of Academic Excellence was designed by SSG William R. Hickman and Mr. Samuel Vargas. The front of the coin displays a profiled likeness of Mr. John B. Mayes. The back displays several icons, symbolic of the profession, which include:
  • A x-ray tube, symbolic of perhaps the greatest medical discovery in history and the Radiological Technologist;
  • A diploma sealed with the approval of the school, symbolic of the objectives of the students;
  • A torch, symbolic of guidance, knowledge, and the Radiology Branch mission, of training the troops;
  • An open book, alluding to the study of the techniques, practices, improvements and policies in Radiology; and,
  • An inkwell and quill, signifying the liberal art of writing and willingness to learn the skills of the Radiological Technologist.
The John B. Mayes Coin of Academic Excellence is awarded by the Radiology Branch Program Director to one student of each graduating class, who achieved a cumulative GPA of 95% or higher, has not been subject to any nonjudicial punishment while attending this course, and who has received a “first time go” in all military and academic requirements for the program.