Ultrasound Imaging Systems


The Ultrasound Imaging Systems program provides formal advanced training at METC. The instructional design of this program’s courses is group lockstep.

This program is a consolidated program with three military services that is designed to provide training on: equipment theory of operation, clinical applications, related physiology, circuit analysis, troubleshooting, calibration, and safe operational procedures.

Methods of instruction include, but are not limited to: lecture, demonstration, online materials, simulations, laboratory practice, and practical exercises on ultrasound technology. Quality control and safety techniques are emphasized throughout the program.

Special Information:

Navy personnel attend this program as part of their initial Biomedical Equipment Technician training.

To obtain the 8410 Navy Enlisted Classification (NEC), this program functions as a required course within the Biomedical Equipment Technician training program (B-326-1000).

Navy students must successfully complete this program to fulfill passing requirements of the B-326-1000 program. For Army and Air Force, this program is separate from the METC Biomedical Equipment Technician program (MOS: 68A10 and AFSC: 4A231).

 US Air Force
AFSC: Ultrasound Imaging Systems
Program Length: 56 hours
Iterations per year: 14

 US Army
MOS: Ultrasound Imaging Systems
Program Length: 56 hours
Iterations per year: 15

 US Navy
NEC: Ultrasound Imaging Systems
Program Length: 56 hours
Iterations per year: 7

School Code 083

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