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US Air Force
AFSC: Mental Health Technician
Program Length: 538 hours
Iterations per year: 12

US Army
MOS: Behavioral Health Specialist
Program Length: 676 hours
Iterations per year: 12

US Navy
NEC: Behavioral Health Technician
Program Length: 598 hours
Iterations per year: 6

School Code 083

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Behavioral Health Technician

Program Description:
Behavioral Health Technicians (BHT) are allied health professionals focused on communication techniques required to assess/evaluate military personnel and their family members in need of Behavioral Health care.

The BHT program provides formal didactic training at METC and is a consolidated program with three military services. It is designed to provide training in the areas of: Human Growth and Development, Psychopathology, Psychiatric Behavioral Interventions, Interviewing Skills, Psychological Testing, Counseling, and Combat Operational Stress Control (COCS).

The program combines didactic classroom instruction with closely supervised practical exercises. During the program of instruction, students are given an opportunity to gain hands-on experiential training within a clinical environment. The specific nature of this program is to train METC BHT students in the collection and recording of psychosocial and physical data from intake interviews and counseling sessions; assisting patients with activities of daily living; conducting group counseling sessions; the observation of medication side effects and behavioral changes; providing educational presentations to
patients on coping skills, medication adherence, and suicide prevention. The program closes with a practicum in several area mental health facilities.

Students will interact with real patients in inpatient and outpatient settings, gaining valuable hands-on experience prior to graduation. Methods of instruction include, but are not limited to: lecture, demonstration, online materials, simulations, laboratory practice, and practical exercises. Quality control and safety techniques are emphasized throughout the program

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