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Degree Bridging Programs
METC is proud that more and more service-required education and training programs conducted on our campus satisfy the ever-increasing degree completion requirements of the civilian sector. In the cases where service requirements do not fully satisfy degree completion requirements, METC assists our students and faculty in pursuit of voluntary studies through the establishment of degree completion pathways that recognize the quality of military education, training, and experience. Since 2010, METC has established hundreds of METC-specific accredited degree pathways with multiple colleges and universities across the nation. This map locates an ever-growing collection of DoD approved schools that have contacted METC and other federal entities directly for development of new, military-based and accredited healthcare education pathways and networks.
Degree Completion Plans
Map of United States with locations of participating plans marked.
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If you’re aware of a program location not shown here, please email METC Strategic Planning & Partnerships
via the METC Operations Division:
These new education pathways build upon METC training and preserve up to 70% of historic voluntary education resources (time and money), which allows military sponsored students to progress significantly further in their studies. Because of this, METC recognized that entire networks of degree plans including associate’s, bachelor’s, and master’s needed to be, and have been, developed through on-going military-civilian cooperation in concert with the Fort Sam Houston Education Services Office.

This cutting edge approach has been recognized with a Department of Defense ‘Spotlight’ Award from the Office of the President of the United States, the American Association of Colleges of Nursing Innovation Award, the Institute for Credentialing Excellence President’s Award, as well as appointment of METC personnel to the White House Roundtable for Veteran Credentialing and Licensing, the California Governor’s Interagency Council on Veterans, and the Texas Workforce Commission’s College Credit for Heroes initiative.

We invite future partners to experience our campus and see our programs in person. We encourage our current partners to consider, explore and create additional pathways for our Service members and Veterans. After all, we have 48 allied health programs to bridge!

For more information please contact the Director, Strategic Planning and Partnerships via METC Operations Division: